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MidiPiano Suite v1.72

MidiPiano, MIDI File Player, Recorder, Editor

MidiDrum, MIDI Drum Rhythm Generator

Download: MidiPianoSuite_v172.zip

|–Demo This folder includes some demo midi files for MidiPiano.exe
|–Layout This folder includes some “Customize Keyboard” configuration files.
|–Rhythm This folder includes some rhythm configuration files for MidiDrum.exe
–zh_CH.lng This is language file for Chinese, for english is included inside application.
–MidiDrum.chm Help file for MidiDrum.exe, F1 show it.
–MidiPiano.chm Help file for MidiPiano.exe, F1 show it.
–MidiDrum.exe MidiDrum application.
–MidiPiano.exe MidiPiano application.
–Readme.txt Hum… looks like a… a text file, yeap.

OK, Get start with MidiPiano.exe, have fun!

Author: ZiZii Wan
Web: www.MidiPiano.net
Email: mantousoft@qq.com
Date: 6-Jun-2006