About MidiPiano

MidiPiano is a MIDI file player, recorder and editor, Lets you can make piano quickly and easily. MidiPiano has a number of excellent educational features. As it plays a MIDI file, the piano keys used light up, color-coded according to which hand is playing, while at the same time a useful and intuitive ‘Piano Roll’ displays the music graphically. The performance can also be slowed down to aid your study, and the hands individually muted. You can also record performances and save them as MIDI files, using MidiPiano as an introduction to MIDI sequencing.



  • Play and Record MIDI file with a virtual keyboard.
  • Edit MIDI file with visual piano roll.
  • Max 128 MIDI IN/MIDI OUT devices work in double harness.
  • Colorful keys stand for different track simulate left hand and right hand.
  • Customize keyboard layout.
  • Support multi-language.
Folder and Files:
 |--Midi    This folder includes some demo midi files for MidiPiano.exe
 |--Layout  This folder includes some "Customize Keyboard" configuration files.
--zh_CH.lng This is language file for Chinese, For English is included inside.
--MidiPiano.chm Help file for MidiPiano.exe, F1 show it.
--MidiPiano.exe MidiPiano application.
--Readme.txt Hum... looks like a... a text file.

A guide for MidiPiano: http://www.musicarta.com/midi_piano_music.html